A core part of Carbonio’s business is made up of clients that entrust us with their engineering and private label manufacturing requirements. From low number prototypes, to production runs numbered in the thousands, Carbonio is able to deliver on time and on budget to the tightest of OEM standards. Below are some images of projects we have been involved in along with information of some of the varied services offered. Additionally Carbonio is always working with new technologies and processes allowing for more manufacturing possibilities than can be listed on the website.

Feel free to contact us with product and design ideas so that your concepts can be brought to reality.

Customer confidentiality is paramount and will be maintained at all stages of client contact. 

Samples of our work:

services offered

industries serviced

Consumer Products
Industrial Machines
Sporting Equipment

materials used

Carbon fiber
Carbon Kevlar
Fiberglass / FRP
Texalium (silver carbon fiber)
Colored carbon fiber and other fabrics
E-Glass / S-Glass
Nomex & Aluminum honeycomb cores

MOLD Making

CNC aluminum or steel tooling
Low volume composite tooling
CNC foam plug production
Plug finishing (for customer supplied samples)


Pre-preg vacuum forming
Autoclave curing
Open and closed wet lamination
Resin transfer molding
Compression molding
Monocoque and seamless construction
Sandwich construction
VARTM (vacuum forming of pre-preg)


Urethane clear coating and hand polishing
Satin clear finishing
CNC machining for molded-in inserts (ie. threaded inserts)
CNC milling
Silk screen application of logos, text or artwork


Design consultation
Reverse engineering
Marketing consultation